Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Three year old heart baby needs a family ASAP

Lucy was sent to a foster family in 2007 where she got along well with the other children in the family. In the summer of 2009 she was moved to the China Care Home, which is managed by Half the Sky Foundation. Lucy has a very serious heart condition and needs a family that can provide all the necessary medical resources for her.
In addition to her heart condition, Lucy has an incompletely-formed left arm and hand with only two fingers. Despite this, she is adept at manipulating even the smallest objects and is very focused when working with tiny spoons, small balls or puzzles. She is fond of books. She doesn’t like a noisy environment. If she listens to music for a while, she will then ask her foster mom to turn it off.
Lucy has a large vocabulary for her age. She knows the names of fruits and animals and can count basic numbers. She recognizes pictures of her friends and speaks their names. She is quite attached to her China Care mom but is also friendly with others. She has two best friends and happily plays with them as long as her foster mom is still in sight.

Lucy needs a family that is already DTC, if possible. If not, she will need to come on a medical visa and get the treatment she needs for her heart. Lucy would benefit most from a forever family, no matter how long her forever might be. If you think you would be interested or know someone who would be please contact Marci at 503-224-1860 or

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