Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bright Sunshiny Day

When we were first paperchasing for Brady it was summer. I remember thinking that we would have to go through cold weather before warm weather would return and that would be when we would bring him home. It seemed like an eternity at that time. Today I packed away all of the girls' winter clothing. The girls even had on their swimsuits and played in the water today. Warm weather has returned and Brady will be home soon. God is good!


The Byrd Family said...

I know what you mean, we packed away our winter clothes also! BUT we haven't put on our bathing suits yet, it must be warmer there than here in Texas! The girls look adorable and the swingset is really coming along and Brady will be home before you know it! Hugs, Kim

LaLa said...

So much fun...sunny and 86 here today so I guess it is time for the water works! I LOVE this time of ready for warm weather. Oh, and the swingset is the one from Sam's I want too. Hey, now that you are an expert on putting it together maybe you can come build mine : )