Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Cut

The hair behind Allie's right ear was so short that they had to cut it all off. It's not nearly as horrible as I expected and she is happy with it. I have no idea what I am going to do with our hairbows! Now I have 2 girls that can't wear them:)


LaLa said...

Sweet cut. She looks so beautiful. Hey, you can always consign those bows, send them to me, or just save them for AnnaClaire ...her hair will grow...

The MacKinnon's said...

Hi Lisa,
I think she looks stunning! She really is a beautiful little girl (hair or no hair)! I loved seeing the new picture of Brady from CNY -how sweet!


Sue said... was just time for a change! The haircut is great and she is such a beautiful girl that it looks fabulous!!

The Byrd Family said...

You can really see her sweet little baby face with this cut! I know it was traumatic for you but she is still absolutely gorgeous!

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Hey- I LOVE your blog! I am the sister of another sweet AnnaClaire (16 months old), born in Chenzhou, Hunan and adopted 12/11/06.

Anyway, I LOVE Allie's new hair cut. She is such a beautiful girl! I think she looks GORGEOUS with that length of hair!

As always, your kids are beautiful. Can't wait to see that joyous post telling that you have TA for Brady!!! We waited 102 days for ours, so I know how tough it gets!

Becky said...

I love it! She is so adorable! Save the bows - her hair and AnnaClaire's will grow!

Lisa said...

Hi, My name is Lisa. I found your blog through Emily's blog. Your daughter's name caught my eye since our daughters share the same name. You have a beautiful family. I know that made you sick when your daughter cut her hair. The cut she got is cute.
My Ana Claire has cut a few chunks out of her hair, but nothing like that.
I hope you get a quick TA for your little one.