Thursday, March 15, 2007

So cute

Jeff took off today and he and Cameron worked on the swingset all day (my camera battery was dead or I would have tortured you with pictures of that). I helped the best that I could but with my little 'helpers' tagging along sometimes just staying out of the way is the best idea. The girls ran all over the yard. They are going to have so much fun this summer. The guys are doing a great job with the swingset. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and Saturday so I am not sure when we will finish. I meant to take a progress picture before it got dark but I got sidetracked. I will have to take one tomorrow. Apparently all that fresh air and running around wiped Allie out because she asked for a corn dog when we came in and Brandon made one for her and for AnnaClaire. I went downstairs for a few minutes and Jeff yelled for me to come upstairs and bring my camera. This is what I found...

Lifetime Member of the Clean Plate Club. AnnaClaire ate all her food and then ate what was on Allie's plate.

Rottenella (Our version of Cinderella)

This is a DOLL stroller!

AnnaClaire's new word of the day...
'cause (gotta love that)

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