Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Gift

The girls' main gift from us was a swingset. We were going back and forth over what kind of swingset we wanted when we found one at Sam's that I fell in love with. Jeff went with our friends Gina and Daniel (Aunt Gina and Uncle Daniel to the girls) to pick it up and when they came back we had 4 huge boxes and a giant slide in our garage...along with a 72 page instruction booklet. I think when the girls start college it might be almost assembled.

We decided to get started on the swingset while Grandpa and Gramdma and Uncle Mike and Aunt Shelly were still here. We were working on the swingset and all of a sudden I looked up have to see this picture to get and idea...

See that wall? See my sweet angel baby standing (and so little) in front of it? Now imagine her standing at the TOP of it. YIKES. Yup, I looked up to see her standing on that ledge. I just screamed, 'Allie Loos' and ran up the steps to grab her. I hugged her tight while she said, 'I was scared out there.' Me too, baby. Is she TRYING to kill me???

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