Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I hate coming up with titles to these posts...LOL

Brady saw his surgeon yesterday afternoon and yes, his soft palate has separated. The doctor said the hard palate looks good so far although I swear I can see it pulling apart. We go back in two weeks and hopefully the hard palate will still be intact. Until then, we are still on the same diet. Thankfully I found some Pediasure Nutri Pals at the grocery store. I put that in the 1 oz syringe that the hospital gave (HA...I use that term loosely) us and Brady sucks it up like a baby bird. He hasn't made me fight to feed him the Nutri Pals one time and even asks for it. Thank you God! It makes me feel like he is actually getting something good for him and something that will make him feel full. Much better than popsicles all day long. Today we were sitting on the floor and I was feeding him and I said, 'You're a good boy Brady. Mommy loves you.' and he put his arms out and got into my lap and hugged me. Of course I just started bawling. I am sure he thinks I have lost my mind. I also started crying in the waiting room yesterday when we were sitting near a woman that looked SO MUCH like my grandmother who passed away in March. She was so excited about Brady and couldn't wait for him to come home. Sadly, she never got to meet him. Seeing that woman just stirred up all these emotions.

Cameron's school had a college fair last night and Cameron and Jeff went and got information about several schools. Cameron is pretty sure that he wants to go to ETSU and live at home. I really want him to live on campus and have the whole college experience but we will let him make the final decision. I personally think he just doesn't want to leave Allie;) Speaking of Allie...She got into the car at preschool pick up time crying. Apparently, after they lined up and did head count on the playground today she decided to go back and play some more (there was another class still playing). Her class went on in and the other teacher brought her to her class. I though she might be embarrassed that she was in trouble but once I could understand her through her sobs (and get her to say anything other than 'I want my DADDY!') I realized she was scared that her class left without her. She said, 'no one was taking very good care of me'. I think she will listen next time they have line up!

We are car shopping for Jeff (we're giving his Avalon to Brandon) and stumped over whether a 5 seater is enough or if we need a 7 seater. Since kids stay in car seats for so long now and most sedans are too tight for 3 carseats, we are leaning towards a crossover. We're currently looking at the Acura MDX, the GMC Acadia and the Buick Enclave. If he gets a sedan it will probably be another Avalon. Since we have the Suburban and Jeff drives a lot for his job, we don't want another tank. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


The Byrd Family said...

I know what you mean about breaking out in sobs...I do it all the time since Emma came home! Either I have postpartum depression or pre-menopausal?!? Sorry little Brady has to have so many surgeries...poor little thing. And poor Allie, I think change is so hard in a household.

mommy24treasures said...

well you sound better, I just love you and want everything to be good!

I am glad his hard pallet is still together. Good. you are going to make it through this.
I will ask Danny about the cars tonite. I bet he will have a favorite.
Poor Allie how sweet she wanted Daddy. Aw... I think its wonderful Cameron wants to stay home, wonderful.

mommy24treasures said...

Danny voted Acadia.

Shelley said...

Hey Lisa,
About the vehicle recomendations...we have a 15 psg van we could sell you !!! :-)LOL!!
Just kidding~
You are such an amazing Mom...I really look up to you. Your kids are amazing and that is all your fault!! :-) Well, Jeff too!! :-)
Hang in there...this too shall pass
love ya

Barbie said...

I check your blog once in awhile and had no idea Brady had his surgery. Our son just came home in April and had his cleft palate surgery on August 17th. I will keep Brady and YOU in my prayers. I am thankful that you are relying on Him for your strength. He will provide all you need.