Friday, September 21, 2007

Field Trip!

Allie's class had a field trip yesterday morning so Daddy took her. They went to Warrior's Path State Park and did a creek walk and played on the playground. She had fun:)

Aunt Gina came and took the girls for the afternoon. They always LOVE to go visit Aunt Gina and Uncle Daniel. Brandon is still feeling lousy. Brady and I had to go pick him up at school yesterday afternoon. He is having horrible nosebleeds. He's home today and hopefully will start to feel better over the weekend.

Our new kitchen table arrived! I am excited to finally have a table that will accommodate all 8 of us comfortably. Unfortunately, there was a huge chunk out of the top of the table. I don't know when a new one will arrive and we already moved the old table to the basement. I guess we will be eating on the floor for a while.


The Byrd Family said...

Oh fun...picnics on the floor! I am praying for Brandon, that is so awful to be so sick and have school at the same time. Praying he feels better soon and doesn't have too much work to catch up!

A field trip is so exciting! Glad she had a good time and great to see all the new pictures!

mommy24treasures said...

oh I am sorry about the nose bleeds, I had pnemonia once and my nose bled as well, I think it means the infection has moved to your sinus's. As long as he is on antibiotics it should cover it, poor guy. A little vaseline in each nostril helps alot too.