Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moon Festival

Trying to corral the little ones for a picture...um, yeah...good luck with that.

Clearly, we can't afford haircuts OR shoes!

We went to eat Chinese with Aunt Gina and Uncle Daniel (who hates Chinese food, poor guy) to celebrate moon festival. Of course, we had to take 2 cars because we all don't fit in one anymore. I had bought mooncakes at the local Asian market to eat on the deck once we got home. But like it always does, 'life' happened and I remembered the big boys didn't have lunchmeat to pack their lunch tomorrow so I ran by the store on the way home. Either Jeff didn't get the memo about the mooncakes or he just didn't want to be forced to eat the nasty things because when I got home Brady was already in bed. AnnaClaire was still up so I gave her a mooncake. She pigged out bigtime at dinner so I was sure that she would be too full to eat the mooncake and frankly, I didn't think she would like it, but girlfriend ate every last bite. This was Brady's first time at a Chinese restaurant since we got home in May. Our Chinese waitress (from Fujian) tried several times to engage him and he wanted nothing of it. When we were in China, the Chinese people were the only ones who could get him to calm down when he was raging. I guess he truly considers us mom and dad:)

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The Byrd Family said...

What a nice feeling about Brady...that is how Lottie remains today. Yes, mooncakes are nasty! Even if you can't get them all together they are all still so beautiful!!!!!