Saturday, September 08, 2007


I know some of you are praying for Brady and for us so I wanted to let you know how we are doing. The end of the week we had two horrendous days. Brady was completely out of control and I was feeling very low. I told Jeff that maybe I died the night before we left for China and this was Hell. Of course I know that can't be true because there have also been many great things that have happened since then:) Anyway, through prayer, through reading, through talking with my parents and mostly through handing it to God I have found peace and a newfound compassion for Brady and best of all PATIENCE with him. I decided to start wearing him in the Walking Rock Farm carrier. He wasn't a fan of it in China, but he seems to get comfort out of it. I have been singing to him, playing interactive games with him, telling him how much I love him, basically bugging the crap out of him LOL...but I can see a difference already!!! When he starts to go into meltdown mode, I am calm and sometimes I can even get him calm as well. We've got a long way to go but I am really encouraged. I am not sure when it happened, because it sure wasn't instant but I am head over heels in love with this little guy and I know he is here with us for a purpose. I can hardly look at him these days without tears welling up in my eyes because of the pain I know he has had in his little life.

Before Brady had surgery he would sometimes call 'mama' but never seemed to really call me mama. It was more just something he said. Often it was when he was referring to food. ??? Anyway, the past few days he has been calling ME 'mama'. He knows I am MAMA! He still grunts a lot of the time that I say 'I love you' but sometimes he says 'love you' back to me. Today he was giving kisses. Lots of kisses. We haven't had lots of kisses since before surgery.

One day AnnaClaire is going to kill me for this but I have to share...Brady hasn't been laughing much (almost not at all until today) since his surgery, but the other day AnnaClaire tooted and Brady laughed loud. AnnaClaire replied, 'THAT NOT FUNNY' It was SO funny!

The pictures above are from July when we visited MeeAll and Popaw. I would share new pictures (I'd especially love pics of sweet AnnaClaire in her Vol attire from today, complete with cute Vol hairbow) BUT someone (and I am not naming names, but I am pretty sure they are between 34 & 39 inches, dark hair and eyes, possibly born in China and also very likely working with an accomplice or accomplices with the same description) hid my memory card from my camera. Interrogation beginns tomorrow at 0700 hours;)


mommy24treasures said...

I will contunue to lift you and Brady and the entire family in my prayers. He who began a great work will complete it.
I am so thankful myself when He renews my strength during a weary time. Thank God for refreshing and strength.
I do hear strength in you. I just wish I lived closer to help you through these times in some way.
The pics are lovely, hmmm...I wonder where could your memory card be??? That sounds so much like here. Danny will say "who did this?!?" and I will just look at him and say "I am not even going to answer that." Today there was baby powder from the top of the bathroom to the bottom , if that helps you feel better.
Then when you are cleaning it up "somebody" willl sit there and point to every little spot you might miss and say "rite der mommy, rite der" to make sure you clean well.
Stay strong. We are here and have your back.

The Byrd Family said...

So thankful to hear from you and that you are giving this to God. Easy to say when people tell you to do this...very, very hard to do! Hard to remember to be patient and remember where they have come from when they are thrashing around on the floor and hitting you..oh! sorry that was my life! LOL
Still praying for you and we will not cease. I love all the pictures and I have missed seeing Allie.
P.S. I just always blame Lottie and Emma, even though I KNOW Lottie is the leader of this "Dynamic Duo". Big Hugs to all of you!