Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hey Mee All

Thanks for the dry erase boards. I put them all up in the closet except Cameron's. He took his to his room. Big mistake. AnnaClaire's dress and body are both covered in marker. Allie came in and saw it (she was no where near with it happened and AnnaC has already confessed) and asked 'Who did this?' Cameron said, 'I'll give you 2 guesses.' She said, 'ME?' LOL AnnaClaire is now rubbing her feet with the spongy part of a headphone earpiece trying to clean off.


The Byrd Family said...

Oh my! Is that washable? Gotta love toddlers!

mommy24treasures said...

that is what I love about toddlers!
how funny. Your little artist.

LaLa said...

Is she trying to be a tiger?? Annslee loves to draw with ink on her belly...grrrrr

Sue said...

LOL about Allie's comment!!

So happy to read your update about your mama's boy!!! Glad that he made it through the arm restraints and hopefully you are feeling better about his palate.

Did the eraser work or did you have to use something stronger to "de-mark" AC?