Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Grant for Joey

Little Joey has angels all over the internet doing what they can to find him a home. Last I read, the agency he is listed with has received some calls about him, but so far nothing serious. He currently has a $3300 grant, but it is GROWING! You never know if his family's only hesitation is being able to afford the fees associated with an adoption. Here is how we can donate:

By check:

The family writes a check to Small World
Attach a note that this money is to go toward "Joey's" Adoption

Send to: Small World
9201 S. Madison Road
Valleyford , WA 99036

By Credit Card:

Go to:
Click on: Piety Fund-Give online now

This donation would be totally tax deductible.

I also wanted to add that there are three other awesome children listed with this same agency and their files are about to be sent back as well. I pray that none of them have to be returned and that all these angels are 'chosen' ones.

God Bless!


Sue said...

Well, you are right about Amy's post...tissues are definitely needed!! I am saddened every time I see pleas on the yahoo groups when children's files are about to go back. I am still praying that my DH will open his heart to SN...and I guess w/ the wait time I have lots of time to pray!!

LOVE the new blog look!!!!!

The Byrd Family said...

It just saddens my heart that there are soooo many waiting children that have such minor health issues such as Brady and Emma Jane. Praying for all of these sweet babies and I search the waiting children lists constantly! Not to adopt again of course! lol

Kellyann said...

Just so you know Lisa you have more than three regular readers, lol! Also, I LOVE the new header to your blog. It looks amazing. Can I come visit so you can teach me some tip and hints?