Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just another night at the Loos household

Brady had a great day today. The past few days have gotten consistently better and I am thrilled with his progress. We started seeing some smiles on Sunday (finally) and today he was smiley almost the entire day. The period after naptime is always hard, but other than that we had almost no meltdowns. I would say that he is back to 'pre-surgery' Brady except I think it is even better than before. I can tell that we have reached a new level and he is beginning to realize that we are mom and dad and not just someone who will be gone in a while. Yeah Brady! He's been cuddly with me (!) but is also playing on his own. Last week he was clingy but didn't want me to touch him. I didn't realize until today how worn out that I am. He wants to eat A LOT and I feel like I am constantly feeding him (He can't feed himself). Food has always been an issue with him and I know he is asking for food when he isn't hungry. We are trying to spend more time in the basement and away from the kitchen so we can have mroe structured meal/snack times. I am sure that many people are laughing at the fact that I even know what 'structured' means. I am starting to think that God sent me Brady to finally whip ME into shape. No being lazy with this one around. Mama has to work for it!

Please excuse the mess on Brady's face and pj's in the pics. I usually feed him with a syringe but today he got a sippy with a soft nipple and it was long enough he could hold it himself. I think there's more Pediasure on his pj's (which were new btw) than in his belly.

I also wanted to take a minute to remember those who's lives were lost on this day 6 years ago. On September 11, 2001 we were in the process of moving from Knoxville to Johnson City and Jeff already was living in JC during the work week while the kids (only 3 at that time) and I stayed in Knoxville to sell the house. I never wanted him home with us more than that night. I just wanted to hold everyone I loved as close to me as I could. I pray that we never have to experience a day like that again.

Think we need a bigger couch?

Brady wasn't in the above pic because he was trying to get mommy to take a close up


The Byrd Family said...

Oh Lisa, that is wonderful news to hear. After Emma's surgery she and I became much closer and food was also that way for her. Now she is alot better, I think it was to please us because we were used to Lottie hardly ever eating and we would praise Emma when she would finish her plate! I also know exactly what you mean about Brady wanting you to hold him but pushes you away. So frustrating, but with each day (and some seem to come really slow) I see Emma opening up like a flower blooming and I see that in Brady also. Love ya'll, Kim
P.S. You DO need a bigger couch!

mommy24treasures said...

great news to hear. I am glad things went so well yesterday! I looove the couch pic. What a beautiful family.
I am so thankful Brady is begiing to trust mommy and daddy. Eventhough he felt so bad the past couple of weeks physically, hew saw that you and Jeff were there for him in his heart. He is one precious child with a great future ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa

I finally got a chance to go to your site and 'catch up' on the Loos family adventures!! WOW. 'Busy' isn't just a casual word for you anymore girlfriend!!! ha.

All the children are so beautiful (like their Momma).

I ended up doing the same thing with Ruby....stopped our 'world' and got down on the floor with her for a week or so and gave her my undivided attention. Within just a day or so, there was a major improvement in her. It was amazing.

Glad to hear you've fallen in love with Brady. I know exactly where you are sister! Ruby is quite a handful, but when she smiles - it's all good!!

Hugs...Sheila L